Here is the portal to sign up for a delivery of our unadulterated, wild-fermented, small batch hard cider!

Cider Share Sign Up & Pay by Check

Cider Share Sign Up & Pay by Card

Community Supported Cider Info & Agreement – Please Read

Share Types
$75 (+ sales tax) Half Case – Six 750mL bottles, 2-3 varieties of unadulterated cider, 6-7% abv
$139 (+ sales tax) Full Case – Twelve 750mL bottles, 2-3 varieties of unadulterated cider, 6-7% abv

We will deliver your cider share in late May. Specific arrangements will be made before the end of April. Our drop cities will be: Stevens Point, Amherst, Milwaukee, Madison, Viroqua, and Appleton. Bottles will be packed in boxes for easy transfer and storage.

Your Share
We’ve extended our Community Supported Agriculture philosophy to cider production and orchard establishment with the Community Supported Cider (CSC) program. When you sign up to purchase our cider, you are not just receiving bottles of cider, you are investing in us as farmers, orchard managers, and cider producers. Your up front payment allows us to continue establishing our trees and companions, supporting other family orchards in transition to organic certification, and developing small scale techniques for bringing quality cider to Wisconsin.

If you would like to cancel your share prior to pick-up, please contact us immediately and we will work out a refund for your order.

We believe a healthy CSC community is founded on clear communication, and hope to develop relationships with each of our members.

We encourage you to explore our website, ask us questions, and give us feedback about our cider. If you would like to visit the orchard or cider production, call or email to set up a time.

Unadulterated Cider
We are operating as a manufacturer and seller of “unadulterated cider” under an exemption from state and federal licensing and alcohol taxes as outlined in Wisconsin State Statutes. We are selling directly to consumers and maintaining all legal labeling requirements.

Our unadulterated cider is made from Wisconsin grown apples and contains 6-7% alcohol by volume. You must 21 or older to purchase and present valid ID at pick-up.