Community Supported Cider Shares

Get your share of cider here!

Starting an orchard and making cider requires a significant investment of time and money. For a number of years we have enjoyed employing the community supported agriculture model on our fruit and vegetable farm. So, we decided to try out the model here. This winter and spring we are faced with the costs of rootstock & scionwood, rent & insurance, and contracts for apples, but our first cider will not be ready until May. Our Community Supported Cider shares are a request for our supporters to put money down now in exchange for 6 or 12 bottles of our cider in May. The infusion of cash a few months early means the difference between planting out the rest of our orchard this spring, or waiting another year.

This season we hope to plant an additional 1000 cider trees and contract for 40000# of apples from Wisconsin orchards. You can help us meet these goals and support the creation of our wild-fermented ciders by signing up for our Community Supported Cider today.